Who We Are?

About us

We are two friends originally from Eastern Europe and currently living in Northern California. We were introduced to water sports, and immediately fell in love.

Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible into the sport and to share our passion with others. We welcome everyone and would love to share our knowledge whether its wakesurfing, wakeboarding, learning how to operate a boat or simply enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Northern California offers everything the one might dream about and so do we whether you looking for boat rentals, watersports lessons, or just looking to get out on the water we’ve got you covered.

oUr Boat

Wakesurf boat California
Wakesurf boat California

2022 Hey Day Wakeboat

Our HEYDAY is one of the best wakesurfing boats on the market, it comfortably fits up to 12 people and fully equipped with everything you might need for an amazing day on the lake.

Performance: The Hey Day boat delivers powerful performance, with quick acceleration and precise handling for an exciting ride.

Comfort: Spacious seating and a roomy deck ensure comfort for thrill-seekers and sun-soakers alike.

Versatility: This boat is incredibly versatile, accommodating riders of all levels with adjustable wake settings.

Safety: Your safety is our priority. The Hey Day boat is equipped with the latest safety features and regularly maintained.


Lake Berryessa

Wakesurf amidst Napa Valley's tranquility at Lake Berryessa. It's a serene playground for riders of all levels, surrounded by stunning hills and pristine waters.

Lake Tahoe

Ride the endless wave in Lake Tahoe's breathtaking alpine beauty. Wakesurfing here offers a unique blend of adventure and natural splendor in the Sierra Nevada.

Lake Folsom

Lake Folsom, near Sacramento, beckons wakesurfing first timers & enthusiasts with its expansive, calm waters. Perfect your skills while surfing in picturesque surroundings.