Water Sports Charters & boat Rentals

We offer water sports charters and rentals servicing Northern California lakes, Lake Berryessa, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Folsom.

Wakesurfing near Napa Valley


Learn to wakesurf with our professional coaches or level up by learning a new trick!

Water sports near Napa Valley


Learn to wakeboard or get a good set in behind our specialized water sports boat.

Water Tubing near Napa Valley


Experience the thrill of our water-tube. Glide over the water with up to 4 people on the tube at once!

Boat rental charter service cruise on lake Berryessa, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Folsom

Boat Cruise

Discover three Northern California lakes by boat exploring the scenic landscape and enjoying a cruise.

Number of people
We welcome groups from 1-8 people

Experienced Captain
We provide a skilled and knowledgeable captain who will operate the boat, ensuring a safe and enjoyable wake surfing experience

We Offer a wake surfing instructor who will provide lessons, guidance, and tips to our clients, helping them improve their technique and have a great time on the water

Wake Surfing Equipment
We supply high-quality wake surfing gear, including wakesurfs of various sizes, life jackets, ropes, and handles. We ensure that the equipment is well-maintained and suitable for various skill levels

We Cover the cost of fuel for the wake surfing tour. This ensures that clients can fully enjoy their time on the water without any additional expenses

Boat & Safety Equipment
We provide a well-maintained wake surfing boat equipped with the necessary safety features